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Split EP with DiZE7

Next up is a split EP with Finland’s glitch techno king DiZE7. Glitches, tweaks, bleeps and straight up techno. Go have a listen and grab the EP, now! soda fries by dieter.1982 & DiZE7

dieter.1982 – SLDG series

Less bpm, more sweat. Gotta admit, Detroit’s sludge techno sounds fresh and dirty at the same time. With all the shitty psych trance etc. floating around it’s nice that some people still want that grit in their music. Along those lines stomps the new SLDG series.…

Old project resurrected. Behold Smutman!

Stumbled upon some older bits and pieces for a new project as well as couple of finished tracks. Style’s a lot more raw, dirty and layered with a definite electro-ish feel. Cocktease is a no-holds barred electro train while Dirty Dub takes you on a 10…

Dj Shadow – Scale it back (Smif Allor rework)

DJ Shadow has a new remix competition running on his webpage. Here’s my take on the song Scale it Back (f/Little Dragon). A lot more moody and atmospheric number with a huge guitar solo from Panu Willman from Dark Filth Fraternity.