Boner M “Bonered” 12″ OUT NOW

Our own techno dude from Finland, Boner M, just released the first record on his new Bonered label. In addition to being a massive 12″ on its own, the record also contains another version of the remix he did of my song 003 (you can grab the another remix from…

Smif Allor Lighter Flakes cover

Smif Allor “Lighter Flakes”

Hya and long time no write! Been busy with other stuff, mainly with Zyprexa but there’s always some room for techno-y stuff. The newest track is a tech house piece by Smif Allor with quirky sounds and somehow a synth line reminiscent of the 80’s


Just a extremely rare Catsniffe in its natural habitat

Smutman “Concrete”

More new stuff from ‘nother project…a lot of reverb and a lot of distortion. And bitcrusher, can’t forget bitcrusher.

Old project resurrected. Behold Smutman!

Stumbled upon some older bits and pieces for a new project as well as couple of finished tracks. Style’s a lot more raw, dirty and layered with a definite electro-ish feel. Cocktease is a no-holds barred electro train while Dirty Dub takes you on a 10…