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New stuff in a while. RATATAT.

Split EP with DiZE7

Next up is a split EP with Finland’s glitch techno king DiZE7. Glitches, tweaks, bleeps and straight up techno. Go have a listen and grab the EP, now!

New single, new label

Been pretty busy lately. A lot of music stuff going on. Plus a new label! Electric Bacon Records will focus on releasing music by me and friends. First release is of course new two track single from me.


SLDG series

Less bpm, more sweat. Gotta admit, Detroit’s sludge techno sounds fresh and dirty at the same time. With all the shitty psych trance etc. floating around it’s nice that some people still want that grit in their music.

Along those lines stomps the new SLDG series. 115bpm is the new 130bpm or something. Next song could be even slower…

The first set

The first set of songs made under dieter.1982 name. Quickly made and put out, the idea was to iterate ideas fast into songs. It worked with varying success.

These songs were later turned into Reworks with bunch of friends (Drumhead, Ghost monkey, Pusher, Dj Holik and DJ Pataässä to name a few) making remixes of all the songs.

Banana Acid

New stuff after TCHN. Clearly gotten into this slow and sludgy techno thing. Don’t mind, though.